Sep 19, 2017
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Sep 16, 2017
Why are lions smarter than tigers?
Researchers think there may be a connection between being social and being smart.
Sep 14, 2017
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Sep 12, 2017
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By and large, the most challenging multiplication problem for students is 6x8 or 8x6. Quick! Do you know the answer?
Sep 9, 2017
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Sep 6, 2017
Back To School Trivia Contest
Back To School Trivia Contest starts on Sep 6, 2017. The winner wins 25 points. Participants earn 2 points.
Sep 6, 2017
Dag Dayz Matching Contest
Contestants check your email to see the results!
Sep 4, 2017
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Aug 29, 2017
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Professor Knight teaches Scaring 101, the introductory course to Scaring at Monsters University. Only a few have what it takes to pass the final exam- are you one of them?
Aug 26, 2017
Can You Imagine Not Being Graded in School?
Sweden has a new radical education philosophy: Students learn better without classrooms, lessons, or grades! What do you think of this? Would you enjoy going to this kind of school, or do you feel grades help in certain ways?